I include this video, not for the pose he does but for what he says at the end about yoga, why we do it, and what it does for our bodies throughout our lives. And because he was simply amazing. He passed away in 2014; he was 95.

This is NOT an endorsement for yoga for weightloss nor is it an endorsement for DDP's yoga program specifically. This video is simply a captivating and inspirational example of how yoga positively affected one man. His experience is not unique to him; there are many accounts of yoga transforming people's lives. This does not make his experience any less powerful, however. If you let it, yoga will change your life, the way you see it, and the way you live it.

Hear about the effects of meditation and some of the neuroscience behind it from an initial skeptic and what he calls himself: an "unlikely meditator." I don't like to think of anyone as an "unlikely meditator" but I understand what he's getting at. I hope he's right. I hope that one day, meditation will join the ranks of "no brainer" (pardon the pun) things that we do for ourselves and our health on a regular basis.

Who can resist cute kids and yoga? They see life through a simpler and clearer lens than we adults do. Enjoy theWisdom Within from the mouths of babes.

See how yoga can positively affect those with illness.

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