Dwenna’s connectedness and powerful healing abilities were clearly present from the start of my session with her.  She was patient and purposeful in her practice, and provided me with an overwhelming feeling of transference of energy that I was bound to benefit from.  Her awareness of my energy and her attunement of it were undeniable, as was her obvious concern for my overall well-being.  I was surrounded by an impenetrable feeling of security.  I highly recommend anyone to Dwenna for a Reiki healing so that they can experience her ability to create the same sanctuary of healing and comfort for them.

-Breaca N., School   Psychologist, Marathon Runner

Dwenna made me feel completely comfortable as I experienced Reiki healing for the first time. I left feeling much calmer and at peace. Highly recommend!

-Heather E., College Student

Reiki sessions with Dwenna offered some of my only moments of peace at a difficult time in my life not only physically, but mentally as well.  Her energy, kindness, and genuine concern for my well-being went above and beyond.

-Tricia A.,  Teacher

Dwenna Nelson is a gifted and powerful healer. I felt safe, welcome, and at home in her home healing space. It was probably my second or third time receiving a Reiki healing, yet this one felt deeper and more transformational. I liked Dwenna’s professional, yet open, attitude, and how she explained what she was doing and how it could be beneficial or take affect later. The healing itself was incredible and operated on a very connected, intuitive level; what I was feeling internally, Dwenna was able to reflect back to me with what she felt and where on my body she felt it. She pinpointed the chakras that were needing attention with specifics as to how and why. I will definitely go to Dwenna again for Reiki healing and feel so fortunate to have found her.

-Melina L., Mother, Healer, Postpartum Doula

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