She makes you feel like you're a goddess and a badass and 100% supported...

-Julia P.

-KoraLee R. 

I suppose I should start by saying I was very skeptical about using a doula.  I gave Dwenna a very thorough grilling about what her job really entailed.... During delivery Dwenna was in the OR supporting us and as a first time dad, her being there was worth every red cent.  She helped keep my wife calm and once our daughter was born, she gave my wife the play by play with what I was doing.... I was dead set against having a doula and now looking back, I think this was one of the best decisions we made.  

-Ryan P.

-Sarah A.

Dwenna helped me focus on what I wanted in my birth plan, which was empowering for someone so disassociated from their body after years of trauma.....I had a difficult path to this pregnancy and held on to a lot of fear right up until the moment of delivery....She helped me bring my baby into the world and me back to myself. Through it all it was critical to her that I remain in charge of my experience and feel supported in any decision I made. It was the most profound, perfect, challenging, empowering experience of my life...

-Jenn M.

-Jonathan W.

-Karen W.

-Christina C.

-Raluca V.

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-Randall G.

Dwenna is clearly an experienced doula who has amazing energy the moment you meet her. She provides an open space to discuss your birth plan without judgement. 

-Whitney S.

Dwenna and my partner were with me through 18 hours at the hospital with only 1-2 short breaks each. I lost my will at some point late morning and while Dwenna had been motivating me all along, at this point she somehow gave me space to admit I was losing steam, not feel judged for that, and simultaneously helped me dig deeper to find more strength.

After that, things happened very quickly. Dwenna took photos of the delivery, and these are now some of my most treasured possessions. She advocated for me. She was a wonderful resource for my partner. She took notes of the entire process, so I have a detailed record the birth. When she came for a postnatal visit, we debriefed and she made sure to check on my mental and emotional health as well as my physical recovery.

-Elizabeth K.-G.

The times when action was necessary, Dwenna was there getting us what we needed or providing words of encouragement. The times when a passive approach was needed she instinctively gave us space or was soothing in one way or another....Had it not been for Dwenna, I would not have had the wherewithal to ask the hospital staff what they were doing. Dwenna stepped in only at the appropriate times and that allowed us to be informed about what the staff recommended. 

-Ulysses  P.

I am forever grateful that my husband and I hired Dwenna as our doula. We've been in Albuquerque for less than two years and don't have any family in the area, so we knew we wanted some extra support. We both felt immediately at ease with her - she was exactly the right balance of soulful and sarcastic, knowledgeable but humble, helpful without being pushy, and supportive without getting in the way. Her presence added so much to our experience. Our meetings before the birth were fun and organized, helping us to talk through our priorities and get us all on the same page as a birth team. She sent messages of support and helpful suggestions (for yoga poses, meditation practices, and concrete things we could do to prepare for baby/postpartum) throughout the final days of pregnancy. Her presence during labor at home and at the birth center was exactly what we wanted from a doula - she supported us staying connected to each other, noticed when we needed comfort or guidance, cheered us on, celebrated us, and helped to keep the atmosphere quiet and calm throughout the whole process. After our baby was born, she reflected on the birth with us and honored the sacredness of our experience. She connected us to other clients/friends in the community who shared our values, helped me find a ring sling for babywearing, and accompanied me to breastfeed in public for the first time. Having her along for the journey felt like having a sister with us, in the best way possible. I would highly recommend Dwenna to anyone looking for a kind, experienced, supportive presence for any kind of birth!

-Emily C. 

-Melody T.

-Hannah O.

-Colleen P.

-Jennifer P.

-Amanda L.

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