I am a certified Reiki II practitioner in Eagle Valley.  Nothing really exists in isolation, and so my Reiki journey is wrapped up with my yoga journey which is wrapped up with my doula journey.  After I began to study yoga seriously, I had the opportunity to learn about Reiki from one of my yoga teachers, Melanie Macdonald, RYT, RYCP and Level III Reiki Master. After studying with her, I received my Reiki I attunement and certification in 2010.  For the next two years, as the level I attunement allows for, I practiced both self-healing and healings on others.  I then continued to work with my Reiki Master and received the Reiki II attunement and certification in 2012.  Since then I have continued to practice self-healing, healings on others, as well as distance healing for others who are not present, as the level II attunement makes possible.  


Regular Reiki treatments bring with them increased clarity and consciousness. Since I began my Reiki journey I have experienced profound personal and professional change, all self-fueled, all welcome, and all because I have become more and more conscious of what allows my own Wisdom Within to shine through.  


I feel compelled to share this gift with others and truly enjoy sharing in the healing experience whether it be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.

I also provide gift certificates for all of my services if you are looking for a way to brighten others' lives or if you are looking for ways to let others know how to brighten your own life!


Private Reiki sessions lasting 45-60 min. include:

  • An initial discussion to determine your needs and ensure that your expectations and my services are aligned

  • Healing treatment lasting 30-45 minutes

  • A concluding discussion to share your experience or clarify anything from the session

  • A short list of guidelines and "what-to-expect" in the day(s) after your session

  • Discussion of follow-up appointments if desired or necessary

Scheduling a healing:

  • Healing sessions are by appointment only and are currently on hold. I will update this page when I have a new location for healing sessions.

  • Click below to contact me for a healing

  • Cost is $60

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