Asana Practice (the poses)

I've had some amazing yoga teachers and have high standards.  Dwenna was amazing and absolutely did not disappoint. The way that she talked through the flow of class was very impressive....Dwenna set me up in a supported resting pose at the beginning of the practice because I had tightness in my chest and within a few minutes I was feeling more relaxed and ready for the rest of the practice...I truly enjoyed my classes and I have been begging her to come back

-Lyndsey M., marketing exec. and long distance runner

My yoga experiences with Dwenna have been overwhelmingly enjoyable, inspiring and soothing. Dwenna knows when to help you make adjustments to get the most out of any pose and you really are able to feel a difference in your body through her adjustments. Dwenna is very motivating during class and encourages you to feel powerful and strong in all your poses and have confidence in yourself. I always find myself using the breathing patterns and asanas that Dwenna has taught me in order to relax, build strength or bring openness into my body whenever I need to. My experience in Dwenna’s class have really helped to build awareness of my body and mind. Every class filled me with a sense of peace and happiness and I always left with a smile on my face.

-Natalie L., collegiate swimmer

As a yoga newcomer, I appreciated Dwenna's patience and willingness to break the poses down slowly and methodically so I would learn the right way.  She made it ok that I didn't know what I was doing yet, so the sessions were a safe place for me to strive for improvement instead of fear failure.  Dwenna combines the spirit and the physical perfectly, so a session with her will get you in tune with your body as well as your soul.  I left feeling calm, confident, and at peace.  It was the best part of my week. I was able to improve my flexibility, which improved my health as a distance runner.  More importantly, my ability to focus and stay positive during long runs got better after a few sessions with Dwenna.

-Andrew M., teacher and marathon runner

Being 18 years old I have just recently begun practicing yoga and I must say that the best experience I’ve had is with Dwenna. Each session I went to was focused on different parts of the mind and body. Before we started, Dwenna would ask if there was anything in particular we wanted to do and she would then modify the class based on requests. Practice with her was very refreshing because she created an atmosphere that was extremely welcoming and relaxing. Since I’m unfamiliar with a lot of poses and their names Dwenna would take the time to explain the purpose of each and then assist in adjusting my body position. Through her classes I gained a lot of knowledge that has been useful as I’ve continued on my own. She also gave me different poses and stretches I could do everyday that would help me improve. Sessions with Dwenna are really beneficial because it’s clear that she knows exactly what she’s doing and is able to explain everything in ways that are easy to understand.

-Courtney R., college student, soccer player

prenatal yoga

I had a wonderful experience with Dwenna during our prenatal yoga sessions, and I highly recommend working with her. Dwenna worked hard to personalize each session we had. She came to each session with ideas about certain areas to focus on and always knew how each technique would benefit me and my baby. Dwenna not only helped me with different strengthening and stretching techniques to prepare my body for labor, but she also helped me work on breathing and focusing techniques to prepare me mentally for labor. Dwenna is a highly skilled and gifted instructor. Even though I had very little yoga experience, she was able to adapt to my skill level and make me feel comfortable and empowered.

-Rebecca K., teacher, mother

meditation and mindfulness

The yoga poses and breathing techniques Dwenna taught made me feel more in control of my body, and like I was treating it better. Those lessons have helped my anxiety, posture, and sleeping habits. Struggling with stress and other mental/physical issues can take a real toll, and learning how to meditate is a way to alleviate that toll. What I learned has helped me in situations where I needed to feel more calm and controlled, even if it's just through breathing or a simple mantra

-Jane C., college student

I was going through a bit of a rough patch in my life that caused unneeded stress and screwed with my sleep patterns. After a session with Dwenna Nelson, I was not only able to work through my problems emotionally, but my sleep improved. She is able to clear the mind and relax you in a way that is so beneficial. Her knowledge of yoga and meditation is remarkable, but it is her knowledge of people that really makes the experience.

-Susanna C., college student

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