Continuous labor support for birthing person and partner

doulas are like the spare brain for a birthing person and their partner and are there to support the birthing person as well as the partners supporting the birthing person. my philosophy is to doula everyone in the birthing family so that they can be at their best as they also support the birthing person.


I am a DONA trained doula which means that I am did my birth doula training through DONA International.  I have worked home births and hospital births in both upstate Rochester, New York as well as Albuquerque, New Mexico and after returning to the valley after 18 years away, I am currently serving people and their birth partners in Eagle Valley. I am dedicated to helping people use the Wisdom Within themselves to have a transformative and powerful birth experience.

I love being a doula. After my first birth, the birth of my daughter, I was completely and totally altered forever. It was an unmedicated birth, in an Albuquerque hospital, and I had a doula. I had no idea what I was doing and my doula is, and will always be, a goddess in my eyes. She led me down the path of birth that has made me believe that I am a powerful and fierce woman because of the birth experience I had. I went into my first birth mostly uninformed despite having hired a doula. I work now to help people to go into their births with more information than I had for my first.


I am passionate about a person's right to birth the way they want to birth.  I am committed to supporting birthing people and their partners so that they have the best chances of having the type of birth they desire. My goal is unconditional support for birthing people and their partners and I will work tirelessly to support your vision. Schedule a free consultation with me to learn exactly how I can support you in your pregnancy and birth experience. I also provide gift certificates if you are adding doula services to your shower or blessing way gift wish list or if you are purchasing my doula services for someone else.


Prenatal Services

Before baby:

  • initial intervew and/or correspondence 

  • two prenatal visits at your home or a central location

  • birth plan desires and preferences

  • childbirth and laboring education and information (not meant to be a substitute for a childbirth class)

  • labor positions and comfort measures

  • preparations for the type of birth you seek

  • breastfeeding information 

  • email and phone support starting from the time you hire me

  • on call for your birth


Birth Services

When it's time:

  • continuous, unconditional labor support at your home and/or in the hospital--wherever you choose to labor!

  • support for your partner (because sometimes breaks are necessary!)

  • help with labor positions, comfort measures, coping techniques, and birthing positions

  • assistance with obtaining information you need in order to make informed decisions about your birth through questioning and discussion

  • Any number of miscellaneous things you may require (think photographer, waitress, gopher, cheerleader, you name it). I am truly your servant and honored to be so.

Immediate Postpartum Support

Just after baby:

  • continued assistance with birth plan as it applies to parent and baby following birth

  • breastfeeding support

  • early parenting support

  • taking those first family photos if desired

  • help moving to postpartum location if necessary

  • I will make sure you are all tucked in and settled before I leave you alone to get to know your new baby

  • I will continue to check in on you until our postpartum visit at home


In the week(s) after your baby's birth

About 7-10 days after the birth:

  • one in-home postpartum visit

  • phone and email support

  • feeding support (breast or formula)

  • parenting support

  • sleep counseling

  • a recounting of your birth story

  • sharing resources that you may request or require following my visit (diapering, breastfeeding, baby wearing, postpartum depression, placenta encapsulation, essential oils, etc.)

Complete Private Birth Doula Services Fee: $1,000. This includes the prenatal, birth, and postpartum services listed above. Typically, $350 is due upon signing the contract and the remaining $650 is due at 37 weeks. I am happy to discuss payment plans. See the "How Do You Afford a Doula?" list below for ideas about budgeting and paying for a doula.

Additional Services

I also offer prenatal yoga services, mindfulness and meditation services, as well as Reiki healings that can all be useful before Baby and as preparation for labor. Click on the images below or use the menu at the top of the page to learn more.

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How Do You Afford a Doula?

The cost of a doula may seem like an "extra" but when you consider the amount of information and support you will receive before, during, and after your baby's birth, and how doulas are statistically shown to improve birth experiences, the true cost of a doula can be priceless. There are numerous ways to work the cost of a doula into your budget. After all, this is the only time you will give birth to this baby!

  • Put it on your baby shower registry

    • I offer gift certificates and ways for friends or relatives to make partial payments on your behalf. Whether through through PayPal, gift certificates, or through good old snail mail and personal check, I am happy to accept payments from your friends or family on your behalf.

  • Ask family

    • Ask your family (mom, dad, in-laws, grandparents?) to cover the cost for you. Explain the benefits. So many family members just want to help and this is one way they can. You never know unless you ask. 

  • Insurance coverage or reimbursement

    • ​Many insurance companies are reimbursing for the cost of a doula now through FSAs or RSAs. You may have to pay ahead and be reimbursed but this is a huge improvement over the past. Be sure to ask for a receipt for each of your payments.

  • Budget for it

    • ​Budgeting for a doula is a smart and fool-proof way to add feelings of security and support to your upcoming birth experience. Depending on how early you hire your doula, you can set aside small amounts of money in a separate doula fund so that you don't have to come up with a one-lump-sum payment in the same week you're planning on buying that new stroller or crib.

  • Ask about payment plans 

    • ​I can work out a payment plan with you that better fits your personal budget if that will ease your experience in any way. 

  • Cut something non-essential out of your budget for a few months

    • ​Who deserves your money more? Starbucks or your baby? Seriously though, see if you have little "extras" that you can cut out of your daily routine for a short while and put that money towards your birth doula. You won't regret it. You will remember this birth far longer than you will remember the taste of that vanilla chai. 

  • Get creative!

    • Create a "doula jar" where you stash cash away

    • Everytime you have a $5 or $10 bill in your wallet, take it out and put it into the doula fund

    • Bring your lunch to work and save your lunch $$ for your doula fund

    • Have a yard sale 

    • Create a Go Fund Me page

    • Declutter your house and sell things on e-bay or Craig's list

    • Check out this creative Buzzfeed list: "Hiring a Doula is Cheaper Than...". It's probably not the list you expect.

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